Watch the World’s First Flying Car with a Propeller Moving Through the Sky!!!


Here is an amazing vehicle of the future and a precursor of human transportation? Here is an actual “flying car” that has been developed and being talked about among online viewers everywhere!

The name of the car is the “PAL-V Liberty”. This vehicle is able to be driven on the road as well as flown in the air! It flies like a helicopter while being propelled by a folding propeller.

Switching on to the flight mode of the car takes place when the propeller is deployed which takes just 5 minutes, The maximum speed in flight is around 180 km/h and the car can travel a maximum distance of 500 kilometers before needing to refuel.


This car can seat two people and this three-wheeled vehicle has a relatively small engine that provides 100 horsepower on the road and 197 horsepower in flight!


A standard driver’s license along with a gyro-coptor qualification (a type of pilot’s license) are required.


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In addition, the place that can take off is limited to a small airfield, the price is wide due to the difference in options, the most inexpensive version is approximately USD $399,000 dollars and with all options it comes at a price of USD $599,000 dollars!

Please see the details of the product below!

The world’s first flying car “PAL-V Liberty”

Please take a look and watch the extended video below.

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