See a 6-Second “Vine” Video with Amazing Animation that has the Online World Buzzing!!!

Here is a scene from a professional wrestling match known as World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) SmackDown! featuring top professional wrestler named “Randy Orton” with his patented move called an “RKO”! Randy Orton’s move is so popular with online viewers that someone has created a 6-second video featuring this signature move on an innocent person named “RKO” in a totally different context! This short video was posted online via the “Vine” software application and it has created a huge online buzz with viewers who love the amazing animation imposed on this video!

Here is an unsuspecting RKO on a skateboard.

Here is RKO on a BMX bicycle.

RKO next to the river.

A relentless RKO.

RKO with a giraffe.

RKO riding around in a car.

RKO creeping around in a park.

RKO in the mud.

This technique is quite dangerous so please do not try this at home!