A Cool Experiment Reveals that Bees Communicate with Each Other!!!

source: YouTube

An amazing experiment that was recently conducted revealed some startling findings about bees communicate with each other!

In fact, it was discovered that a bee will make a sound when it accidentally collides with another bee in flight!

This experiment was conducted by British scientists and the results of this unusual experiment has captured the attention of online viewers all over the world!

Bees make a variety of sounds that can’t be heard by the human ear and is a means of communication with each other!
source: YouTube

For the experiment, a camera and an accelerometer were installed inside a bee’s nest and left for one year.
source: YouTube

source: YouTube

After the year had passed, the scientists analyzed ‘s the recorded data and discovered that a lot of noise was recorded especially when bees collided with each other in flight!. It is as if it has the same meaning as “Oops!” when human beings bump into each other accidentally.

source: YouTube

What did you think?

Bees are said to emit various sounds mainly from either vibrating their wings together or rubbing their legs against their stomata.

Please take a look and watch the extended video below.

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