See a Spooky Silhouette of a Frozen Ghost in the Middle of Winter!!!


Frozen water over a long and cold winter produces a distinct silhouette of a human shape that looks like a apparition next to a house!

This image was posted on an overseas bulletin board website that has quickly become a big topic of discussion with online viewers around the world!

Here is the photograph that was posted along with the comment “This ghost is always watching me.”


Does this column of frozen ice look like a ghost to you?

Many online viewers think so. This naturally formed ice pillar actually does resemble a human-like form looking into the house from the window! It’s definitely a creepy image!

The creases and folds of the ice columns look like clothes and the overall shape really does look like a person!?!

Here are some online viewer comments.

An ice ghost or?

· I would be scared if I saw this at night.
· Only people can see the human shape.
· How could I make an icicle that looks like a person?
· A hat or a scarf would makes this shape look like a snowman.
· Shall we destroy it with a hammer?
· The wall of the house has been damaged by the frozen water.

What did you think?

It certainly is a strange and haunting image but in the end it is just frozen water!