Watch the Surprising Speed and Agility of Sea Scallops Trying to Escape from a Predator!!!

source: YouTube

Here is a series of images of the bottom of the ocean off the coast of the state of Massachusetts in the United States that initially appears to be the speedy movement of a school of fish attempting to avoid and escape from a predator but in fact it is the motion of a sea scallop!

Several scallops are clearly visible lying on the sand of the ocean floor.
source: YouTube

A scuba diver is filming the ocean floor and as he approaches the seabed where the scallops are located.
source: YouTube

As the diver slowly approaches, a flurry of movement suddenly begins!
source: YouTube

A large number of scallops start to swim vigorously away from the diver! How is that possible?
source: YouTube

What did you think?

Scallops are unique among shellfish species since they are able to force water out between their two shells creating a powerful force of propulsion that allows them to move large distances!

Please take a look and watch the extended video below.

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source: YouTube