Watch a Young Girl Slide Under a Narrow Space of a Chair Using Limbo Dance Moves!!!

source: YouTube

Here is a young woman standing in front of a chair in the waiting room of the Philadelphia International Airport in the United States who displays some unbelievable ability as she is able to slide under the chair in front of her using her ability to limbo dance!

A display of limbo dance moves!

She appears to be concentrating and takes a deep breath before her attempt.

source: YouTube

As the young woman starts contort her body as she bends down lower and lower!

The space under the chair looks so small that it hardly seems possible that this attempt will be successful!

source: YouTube

She starts to move under the chair!

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Wow! She did it without losing her balance! What an amazing display!

source: YouTube

Her body seems so flexible and yet strong at the same time!

Please take a look and watch the extended video below.

See Video Here

source: YouTube

This is simply amazing limbo dancing skills!

Queen of the Limbo Dance!

This young woman is Shemika Charles who lives in the city of Buffalo in the state of New York.

Actually, she has been certified twice in the Guinness World Book of Records for dancing under the lowest distance to the floor at a distance of 12 inches (about 30 cm)!

source: Facebook

Ms. Charles has attempted to limbo dance under small spaces in other small places!

Under the shelf at an apparel shop.

source: Twitter

She doesn’t even need to use her hands to maintain her balance!

Under a car.

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Shemika can even balance drinks on a tray!

What did you think?

I wonder where will this amazing dancer will attempt to break her world record next?

source: YouTube / Facebook / Twitter