See the Adorable Aggression of a Pug Puppy Chasing His Food Bowl All Over the House!!!

source: Facebook

Here is a delightful video of a tiny pug puppy playing with his dish of food that was captured on video by his owner that really becomes a messy game of chase that is simply adorable and is sure to make you smile!

Here is the small pug puppy waiting to eat and he looks very excited as his tiny black eyes are shining with anticipation!
source: Facebook

As the puppy starts to eat, his food bowl starts to slide around on the kitchen floor! The pug puppy starts to chase the food bowl while eating at the same time!

source: Facebook

Where did the food dish go? There it is!
source: Facebook

The puppy accidentally pushes the food bowl under a kitchen appliance by accident!
source: Facebook

The puppy finds the bowl and continues to eat his lunch in a strange area!
source: Facebook

This puppy gets a lot of exercise when eating!
source: Facebook

This puppy has so much energy and makes a big mess just like a human baby! I hope that this puppy develops better self-control in the future but for now this pug pooch is so adorable to watch!

Please take a look and watch the extended video below.

See Video Here