Watch the Clever Collaboration and Execution of a Plan to Rid a House of Rats!!!

source: YouTube

Here are two women living in a house in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the United States who have concocted a clever plan to eliminate rats who have been living in their residence!

Initially, one of the women positions herself on the toilet in the house and attempts to lure the rats out of their lair!

A woman with a mop.

source: YouTube

Before that …

A bucket carefully positioned near a door and a ladder.

source: YouTube

In addition …

A staircase with an open door to the outside of the house.

source: YouTube

How do you get rid of rats with this plan of attack?

Please take a look and watch the extended video below.

See Video Here

source: YouTube

What was a splendid plan and execution! The end result is the rats have been expelled from the house!

The clever collaboration by the women and use of the buckets and mops resulted in the rats being cast out of the house! Well Done!

source: YouTube

What did you think?

These women are not professional exterminators so their ingenuity should be commended and it is more humane to allow the rats to live rather than be killed I think!

source: YouTube