Watch an Amazing Video of Confusing Images that will Blow Your Mind Away!!!

source: YouTube

Here is an image of an egg falls on a group of stacked plates and most people can imagine what is going to happen next if the egg continues on its path!

But this video is really different! And, your visual expectation is totally undermined in a blink of an eye!

The creation of such a video was produced by a company from the United Kingdom (UK) called “MAINFRAME” who is responsible for these fantastic images created by this imaginative and innovative firm!

Lots of falling eggs.

These eggs are bouncing off each other!

source: YouTube

These eggs are reacting in the way they should!
source: YouTube

Even though eggs are falling rapidly and everything is bouncing like a ball!

source: YouTube

This image is unusual and confounding!

A rolling bowling ball.

Here is a yellow bowling ball rolling down the stairs.

source: YouTube

However, in the video …

source: YouTube

Hey! This image defies gravity!

A bumping light bulb.

Light bulbs are made of glass and everyone knows what usually happens when two light bulbs collide!

source: YouTube

But when these two bulbs hit each other!

source: YouTube

And then the light goes on!

source: YouTube

If such a light bulb actually exists, it would an amazingly safe product!

Water from the water faucet?

If you turn on the tap of the faucet, water usually will come out.

source: YouTube

However, a towel comes out?

source: YouTube

Notice how the towel flows out smoothly from the faucet!

A line of colored pencils are positioned.

A lot of colored pencils are lined up and what will happen next?

source: YouTube

Wow! The pencils are moving around like wet pasta noodles!

source: YouTube

This movement is like wiggly worms!

Slicing Balloons?

How is it possible? Slicing and cutting a balloon with a knife isn’t possible!?

source: YouTube

Looks like slices of colorful sausages!

source: YouTube

Looking at the cut section and it appears that it deflating!

A glass of milk.

The last one is this glass of milk that may spill but in a way that is not expected!

source: YouTube

Watch the glass actually start to melt away while the milk liquid remain stationary! How is that possible?

source: YouTube

This rendering is simply too weird to fully comprehend!

Please take a look and watch the extended videos below.

See Video Here

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It is quite a lot of fun to see it over and over again! I am looking forward to seeing the next creation from MAINFRAME.

MAINFRAME – Official Website

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