Watch a Family of Swans Create a Path Through an Icy Pond in Perfect Formation!!!

source: YouTube

Here is a delightful and graceful video of a family of swans swimming in a partially frozen pond! In a perfect formation, the lead swan manages clear a path for the rest of the group to swim smoothly through the gap!

This video was filmed at Bradgate Park in the town of Glenfield in the United Kingdom (UK). It seems that the surface of the pond had frozen due to the cold weather but the swans were undeterred!

source: YouTube

There are seven swans in all and it seems that the head swan is advancing while breaking ice with its beak while moving its tail vigorously while the rest of the swan family is positioned close together in a straight line waiting for the path to be cleared.

The first swan is successful! The rest of the swans follow and continue on their way!

source: YouTube

What did you think?

The swan family team effort is really impressive to see!

See Video Here

source: YouTube


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