See an Owner Get Swarmed by a Large Group of Golden Retriever Puppies on Video!!!

source: YouTube

A warm welcome by a group of golden retriever puppies.

Here is an adorable video of an owner who is swarmed by a large group of golden retriever puppies upon returning home which became a huge hit with onlince viewers from all over the world!

When the fence is removed that had been surrounding the puppies.
source: YouTube

The puppies all jump out at once and they launch at top speed towards the owner who had just arrived!
source: YouTube

The puppies rush straight towards the owner after hearing his voice and then the small puppies converge on a man lying on the ground.
source: YouTube

The small dogs are so excited to see the owner!
source: YouTube

What would you do if there were so many puppies jumping up and down and barking wildly around you like this man?
source: YouTube

The owners appears to be just as happy to see the puppies so it is a very happy homecoming!
source: YouTube

Please take a look and watch the extended video below.

See Video Here

source: YouTube