See Some Alarming Images of Plastic Debris Removed from the Belly of a Dead Whale!!!

source: YouTube

Here are some video images of a dead whale that was discovered on the southwestern coast of Norway recently which revealed a shocking discovery when the contents of the cetacean’s stomach was examined!

An extraordinary amount of plastic bags was discovered in the stomach of the whale and dramatically highlighted the serious problem of plastic garbage pollution problem on the world’s oceans.

Here is the six-meter-long body of the dead whale before examination.

source: YouTube

In the process of performing an autopsy on the likely cause of death of the large sea mamma, a significant amount of plastic bags were found in its stomach!

source: YouTube

Here are several types of plastic bags that the whale had somehow consumed. Another negative discovery of the deceased whale was that the layer of fat was surprisingly thin indicating that the whale was clearly suffering from poor health!

source: YouTube

source: YouTube

In addition to the visible garbage issue, a large amount of micro-plastics also exist and cause many adverse effects on seawater ecosystems. The whale had obviously swallowed a large amount of garbage and died suffering in the end.

Please take a look and watch the extended video below.

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source: YouTube