See a Teacher Greet 17 Students with Their Own Unique Handshake!!!

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Here are some wonderful images of a man surrounded by children. His name is Barry White Jr. and he is a teacher teaching Japanese at an elementary school in the state of North Carolina in the United States.

Barry is such popular teacher with his students and they line up in long lines to greet him in the morning and this video reveals his secret in attracting their attention and affection which has become a big discussion among online viewers from all over the world!

Why is he so popular?

A face to face greeting with each of his students.

Here is Barry standing in front of the entrance of his classroom, the students waiting in a queue to greet him and enter the room.

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Now, a strange ritual is about to start.

The first boy displays a personalized handshake and dance movement which is his greeting to the teacher.

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He is allowed to enter the classroom after Barry replicates the same movement!

The line of students enter the classroom in the same manner and the teacher seems to know each of their original greetings!

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Wow! Each student has such a different way of greeting Barry!

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What did you think?

Did you notice Barry’s popular secret?

Before every lesson, he faces each student in his class and replicates their greeting back to them!

Of course, some students have simple greetings. Barry has attempted to identify and communicate directly to them and it has resulted in a positive method to create a positive atmosphere in his class!

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According to the overseas media that interviewed Barry, this ritual became so popular that students from other class joined in to participate!

Please watch a unique greeting by Barry and 17 students in the extended video below!

See Video Here

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What did you think?

You know that everyone greets you so terribly happy. Perhaps Barry is carefully facing each person carefully, perhaps it is possible to build such a good relationship with the student.

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