An Offended Swan Reacts Aggressively When a Man Attempts to Rescue Her Child from Trouble!!!



Mr. Simon works in animal rescue and on this day he spotted some baby swans in distress and attempted to facilitate a rescue. However, an adult swan that was parenting the chicks reacted aggressively to his efforts resulting in an altercation between bird and human.

▼Here is the irate parent swan interceding on Mr. Smith’s attempted rescue of the swan chicks.


One of the chicks is stuck in a wire mesh fence and Mr. Smith attempts to free the young bird.


The adult swan attacks Mr. Smith!


The swan chick is safely returned to the water but the adult swan is still angry with Mr. Smith.


All of the chicks are now safely with their parent but the misunderstanding between the bird and Mr. Smith remain.


See Video Here

Mr. Smith did a wonderful job of rescuing the swan chick and acted as a true professional despite the apparent misunderstanding with the parent swan.