See the Dramatic Transformation of a Group of Scary People at Disneyland!!!

Here is a group of scary looking people who appear to be quite anti-social in public places so what will happen when these people decide to visit Disneyland? Let’s take a look and find out!

▼ When the group arrives at Disneyland, they seem a little moody.

▼ They ride on the popular attraction called “Space Mountain” in Japan.

▼ They really seem to enjoy this attraction since it is the first time in their lives to try it!

▼ “Wow!”

▼ They are screaming with joy and excitement on the “Big Thunder Mountain” ride attraction!

▼ They are becoming addicted to the joy and fun of Disneyland!

▼ Two members of the group enjoy another ride attraction and look so happy together!

▼ It’s “Mickey Mouse” and friends greeting them after a happy day at Disneyland!

See Video Here

This video is a promotion for Euro-Disneyland just outside Paris and it seems to say that adults as well as children can still enjoy the magical world of Disneyland! What do you think?

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