Watch an Excited Dog Playing About in the Snow in These Happy Images!!!

source: YouTube
Here is a beautiful dog named “Dandelion” enjoying an outing on a winter’s day and clearly loves playing around in the snow! She enjoys rubbing her face against the snow and the expression on her face is so happy. Later on, the dog actually starts to slide down the slope and proceeds to do this again and again just like a human child!

This video of this fun loving dog was posted on YouTube and became a big topic of discussion with online viewers everywhere!

Dog on a ski slope.

“Dandelion” has discovered that snow can be a lot of fun!

▼ Oops! Snow can be quite slippery and the big dog tumbles over and slides down the slope!
source: YouTube

▼ This dog enjoys sliding on on his head!
source: YouTube

▼ Sliding on his back is fun too!

▼ This dog thinks it’s amazing to slide down a slope!
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source: YouTube

Here is “Dandelion” sliding down on the hardened snow slope.

Please take a look and watch the extended video below.

See Video Here

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This is a very happy and passionate dog who just loves to play and have fun in the snow!

source: youtube