An Attempted Golf Shot on a Frozen Pond Produces a Shocking Result!!!

source: YouTube

An attempted golf shot on a frozen pond produces a shocking result!

Here is a man playing golf in extremely cold conditions on a golf course and an errant shot has landed on a frozen pond. The ball has remained on the icy frozen surface of the pond and the dedicated golfer decides to play the shot from where it lies.

The frozen pond appeared to quite safe as golf carts had traveled over it earlier in the day so the man walked on to the pond and prepared to hit his golf shot when the unexpected happened!

source: YouTube

The man swings his golf club but makes direct contact with the ice and not with the ball!
source: YouTube

His momentum from the swing causes him to slip and fall down on the ice.
source: YouTube

As the slightly dazed golfer is lying down on the ice, large cracks start to appear all around the prone golfer! This doesn’t look good!
source: YouTube

In a split second, the man plunges into the freezing water of the pond!
source: YouTube

What did you think?

It appeared to be a low risk attempt initially but a series of events conspired against the golfer and his poor swing started a chain of events that ended with his plunge into the waters of the pond!

Please take a look and watch this hilarious and shocking 24-second video!

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source: YouTube