See a Dinosaur-Sized Crocodile Cross the Road in the Florida Everglades on Video!!!

source: YouTube
Here are some images of a huge dinosaur-sized crocodile crossing a road in a nature reserve in the everglades of Florida that is simply astounding to see!

A monster-sized crocodile!

A monster crocodile appears from the edge of the bushes in front of the observers who are filming in the everglades.

▼ What a huge animal!
source: YouTube

▼ Is it a dinosaur or a crocodile?
source: YouTube

▼ This is a monster!
source: YouTube

▼ The monster crocodile slowly ambles across the road and then disappears into the marsh.
source: YouTube

Please take a look and watch the extended video below.

See Video Here

In Florida, crocodiles are often seen but huge crocodiles such this monster are few and far between!

source: youtube