Watch Two Brothers from Vietnam Somehow Climb 90 Steps Head Over Head!!!

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“This is an amazing attempt!” “Can these two brothers actually achieve this incredible challenge?”

These two brothers from Vietnam have spent many years developing these special skills of strength and balance in this unbelievable attempt of ascending up 90 steps head over head!

Here are the Kwok brothers from Vietnam and their powerful bodies and straight posture is truly impressive to see.
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Their challenge to break the Guinness World Record is the Girona Cathedral in Spain and a large audience has gathered the attempt.
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Finally, the brothers begins their ascent.
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As the brothers attempt to maintain their balance and climb the steps at the same time, it is really amazing that they are even trying to attempt this feat!
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The brothers continue their ascent at a steady pace and their speed is faster than expected at this point.d.
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As they get closer to the top of the steps, it looks like these two brothers from Vietnam might actually achieve their challenge!
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What an amazing feat of strength and balance! They have entered the Guinness World Book of Records!

Please take a look and watch the extended video below.

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