Watch a Gymnasium Roof Collapse From Heavy Snow with People Inside!!!

source: facebook

Here is some shocking scenes of a collapsed roof of a gymnasium in the city of Ceska Trebover in the Czech Republic. It seems that the roof structure was unable to withstand the weight of snow that had accumulated and perhaps Probably because the roof collapsed unable to withstand the weight of the snow along with a structural weakness in the original construction.

These images captured the moment when the roof collapsed there were people inside playing “floor ball” so it was a miracle that no one was injured or harmed!

The roof collapsed during a game inside the gymnasium!

Inside, the game was played normally until that moment.
source: YouTube

During the game, several players begin to react to the abnormal sounds coming from the ceiling of the gymnasium.
source: YouTube

The abnormal noise became stronger and the players decided to evacuate just in time literally moments before the roof collapsed!
ExZIEJ (1)
source: YouTube

Fortunately, there were no injuries though the gymnasium was damaged beyond repair and will need to be replaced.

Please take a look and watch the extended video below.

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A camera inside the gymnasium was positioned perfectly to capture the collapse of the roof!

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This was truly a frightening incident!

On the Facebook page of “Martin Netolický”, there are photos of the collapsed gymnasium roof posted along with photos of ongoing repairs to replace the roof.

It is not difficult to imagine that the accumulated snow was the main reason for the roof’s collapse so I hope that repairs to the gymnasium take this into consideration so this horrifying incident never happen again!

source: youtube / youtube / facebook