Look at These Unbelievably Cute and Cuddly Fish from Switzerland!!! ♪

source: YouTube

Is this really a fish?

Here is a small fish that is shaped like a small balloon which makes swimming for them difficult to undertake! This fish is native to Switzerland and is surprisingly pretty and bright colored like a tropical fish!

source: YouTube

These fish have abnormally big eyes and a beautiful orange color that is believed to be color that protect them from predators. In addition, these fish are able to squirt a bright red fluid when a predator is encountered. These cute and bright colored fish live in the cold waters of the northern hemisphere.

These video images of a school of these puffy Swiss fish was taken at the Nagoya Port Aquarium in Japan.

Please take a look and enjoy watching the extended video below.

See Video Here

source: YouTube

These fascinating little fish seems to be very popular among children everywhere. When you next visit at aquarium with your family or friends, please take a close look and be completely charmed by them!

source: www.youtube.com / www.youtube.com

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