Watching the Guards of Windsor Castle is a Birthday Dream for a Young Boy!!!

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Here is a photo of a 4-year-old boy when he visited England’s Windsor Castle on my birthday with my family. His name isMarshall and he loves the British Royal Family and his dream is to be a guard who protects the royal family just like the one in the photograph! It seems that Marshall just loved looking and observing the guards in action so his mother took a number of photos and videos that was posted these images on Instagram where it soon became a very popular topic with online viewers from all over the world!

Marshall visits a guard at Windsor Castle.

The video posted on Instagram shows Marshall some of the guards marching in front of the castle and salutes them! These photographs are absolutely adorable!

#windsorcastle 萌吐奶

Jie Fengさん(@joanna___feng)が投稿した動画 –

Here is Marshall in a guard uniform saluting for the camera with one of the guards standing in the background!

Marshall soon becomes a popular photo opportunity.

Marshall looks so cute in his guard uniform that soon other tourists are taking his photo!

So many visitors coming to Windsor Castle want to take photos of the guards but also take photos of Marshall in his adorable uniform! Marshall’s birthday wish is a wonderful day for everyone!

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This is a lovely story and it looks like this little boy really had a fantastic time!

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