See Images of the Damaged Whiskers of a Cat Who Went Too Close to a Stove!!!

source: Twitter

Here are some adorable and heartfelt images of a pet cat who recently suffered a traumatic incident when the feline’s whiskers actually caught on fire! The unfortunate kitty had wandered too close to the stove at its owners home!

TARO @ SAMURAI_KURI introduced these images on the social media network of Twitter.

source: Twitter

It seems that the cat was too busy cleaning its whiskers and was sitting too close to an element of the kitchen stove which had been turned by the cat’s owner. When the whiskers made contact with the element heat, they quickly melted, shriveled and curled up as shown in the above images!

The eyes of this cat have a particular look of shock and sadness about them!

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It is important for pet owners to be mindful of the inherent risks of kitchen appliances such as stoves and take proper care of their operation in order to ensure the safety of their pets!

source: Twitter