Watch a Delightful Video of a Tiny Dachshund Munching on a Sweet Banana!!! ♪

source: YouTube

Here are some delightful video images of atiny dachshund dog munching on a sweet banana that is so adorable to see and enjoy! ♪

It seems that many dogs enjoy eating sweet bananas as they are nutritious and easy to eat!

Here is the owner giving his dog a peeled banana.
source: YouTube

As the tiny dog slowly munches on the banana, it’s clear that this pooch really enjoys the soft texture and sweet taste.
source: YouTube

The owner decides to take away the remaining banana as a whole banana may be a little too much for a small dachshund!
source: YouTube

The expression on the dog’s face is one of surprise and disappointment but calorie control is important here.
source: YouTube

The dog continues to offer his tiny paws to the owner for the return of the sweet banana with tongue out! This dog is so cute here! ♪
source: YouTube

Please take a look and watch the extended video below.

See Video Here

source: YouTube

source: Youtube