See a Funny Video of a Model Trying to Keep a Smile in Tough Conditions!!!


Here is a hilarious video of some models desperately trying not to laugh while being photographed and this comedic situation was captured in its entirety and posted online where it soon became a huge topic of discussion with online viewers from all around the world!

The video was posted by one of the models on the social media network of Twitter @mibuki3939 It was filmed by one of the male models involved in the video shoot.

Here are two models being filmed and are being asked to continuously change their poses by the director overseeing the video and camera shoot. There is a distinctive tension as the professional female and male models provide the requested positions with precision and cool detachment.

source: twitter

The two models continue to execute every pose requested and it looks a routine photo session until something unexpected happens in the very next moment. is about. I thought it was a headache. Next moment.

source: twitter

The male model’s trousers suddenly falls down from his waist!

source: twitter

The production staff frantically attempt to raise the trousers of the male model without interrupting the photo session! The two models remain without emotion to the chaos around them! What professionals!

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However, the raised trousers proceed to fall down to the floor again!

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Certainly, the female model is going to burst out laughing at this predicament of her male counterpart! Yet, she remains cool and focused on posing for the camera!

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As the photo session continues, the male models trousers continue to fall down again and again! This appears to be a staged accident and a carefully choreographed prank!

aource: twitter

Please take a look and enjoy watching the extended video below

source: twitter

What did you think?

It was incredible that the two models remain so detached from the comedic mayhem of the falling trousers!