Watch a Curious Interaction Between an Infant in a Lion Costume and a Lion!!!

source: YouTube
Here is an 11 month-old infant dressed into an adorable lion costume visiting a zoo in Atlanta, Georgia with his parents.

This boy is named”Aryeh” which means “Lion” in the Hebrew language! When the young boy finally visits the lion enclosure, he comes face to face with a huge adult lion!

The King of the Beasts Stares at a little boy!

Just a sheet of glass separates the two and they seem to stare at each other for an eternity! ”Aryeh”When Kun comes near you, this male lion came and seems to have a dialogue.

▼ Is the lion trying to communicate with little “Aryeh”?
source: YouTube
“Hey, why are you on that side?” Speaking like that!

▼ Why is this tiny infant so unafraid? It is truly an amazing sight!
source: YouTube

Does the lion actually think that the little boy is a lion cub?

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What did you think?

This was a very strange but heartwarming scene as the huge lion seems totally mesmerized by the tiny boy in the lion costume!

source: youtube