Watch an Employee Buy a Nintendo Console for a Boy Who Loves Games!!!

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The world’s largest consumer electronics retail store chain in the USA is calledBest Buy. Recently, a “Best Buy” clerk of the shop gave a very nice surprise to a teenage boy who visited this location every day to play games on one of the free demonstration Nintendo game consoles that was set up in the store for customers to play for free! An absolutely wonderful gesture of kindness by one of the “Best Buy” staff to a young teenage boy created a huge amount of buzz with online viewers from all over the world!

This particular “Nintendo” game console was released on December 7, 2016 and just over 7 days after it was launched, more than 200,000 units had been sold! A teenage boy has been visiting the store and has been playing this console system for hours is about to receive a big surprise!

For a teenage boy who loves games!

At a “Best Buy” store in the suburbs of New York City, one of the store clerks is wearing a blue T -shirt and is carrying two items in her hands.

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Over the store public announcement (PA) system, an announcement is about to be made by the clerk.

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“On behalf of all Best Buy employees, we bought a Nintendo Wii U console for you as an early Christmas gift!” The clerk then walked over to the boy and gave him a new console system that was still in the box!

source: YouTube

The boy shown in the photo here had absolutely no idea what was happening and sat there is stunned silence!

According to the Best Buy staff who posted this video online, this teenage boy loves going to Best Buy every day to play Nintendo Wii U and that he always purchased new game software and accessories for the system!

Please watch the extended video of this announcement and presentation of the surprise gift to the young boy!

See Video Here

source: YouTube

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I am certain that this story of generosity would surely make you smile! The young boy was completely stunned t receive such a gift for free! The store and brand received a lot of positive media promotion! It was a win-win situation for everyone!

source: YouTube