Enjoy a New Sensation of Cycling With the “BIRD OF PREY” Bicycle Innovation!!!

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Here is an amazing new bicycle innovation called the “BIRD OF PREY” that allows you to experience the sensation of flying through the sky like a bird of prey!

This unique design that was created to reduce air resistance when riding a bicycle so the riding position of the cyclist is completely different than a standard bicycle design!

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The key feature of the “BIRD OF PREY” bicycle is that the rider is positioned in a flat position when riding the bicycle rather than the conventional sitting posture which dramatically reduces air resistance and lowers the center of gravity.

Here is the visual perspective of the cyclist on the “BIRD OF PREY” bicycle.
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This aerodynamic design makes it one of the fastest racing bikes in the world!
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This unusual riding position is somewhat more difficult to control if suddenly braking.

Only experienced cyclists should use this incredibly fast design as it is a little difficult to control!

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The price of the “BIRD OF PREY” bicycle is USD $4,800 dollars. For more product details and how to order and purchase this bicycle Please refer to the above website link .
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Please check out and enjoy the extended video!

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