Enjoy a Spectacular View and a Romantic Christmas Dinner in an “Aerial Restaurant”!!!

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Here is an attraction that is generating a huge amount of buzz with online viewers everywhere after these video images were posted on YouTube recently! Looking like a large version of the sleigh of Santa Claus, it is actually a an airborne restaurant located in the city of Brussels Belgium that is called “Dinner in the Sky”!

Featuring a special dinner menu to celebrate Christmas, this “aerial restaurant” provides customers with the chance to enjoy the spectacular city views of Brussels at night in the air!

Here is a photo of the “aerial restaurant” and customers enjoying dinner.

source: dinnerinthesky.com

The airborne restaurant has been outfitted with four reindeer (that is supported by a large construction crane) and customized to mimic the shape of the sleigh of Santa Claus. Santa Claus can also be seen sitting on the back of the sleigh creating an atmosphere of Xmas cheer!

source: YouTube

The chefs of “Dinner in the Sky” are renowned for their Michelin Star quality of the choices on the restaurant’s menu which is supported by an expansive wine list!

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Customers at dinner can enjoy a four-course meal with wine is priced at around 250 euros (about ¥30,000 yen) per customer with seating limited to only 16 on any given evening.

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source: YouTube

A student who reserved seats for his father and himself commented that “I was scared when I was going up but I really enjoyed the amazing views of the city and the food was very tasty.”

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source: YouTube

While having dinner in the “aerial restaurant”, customers are required to wear a seat belt for safety! This is truly a unique experience and such a memorable way to enjoy Christmas!

Please watch and enjoy the extended video below.

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source: dinnerinthesky.com / reuters.com / www.youtube.com