Looks Can Be Deceiving as This Motif of a Coiled Snake is Actually Edible!!!

source: twitter @siosanagi0106

This powerful, this presence, the real snake texture … It is overwhelming.

This work, here (@siosanagi0106)Work created as a subject for assignment.

The high quality of this snake’s object is really surprising, but in this work there is another secret that will surprise you even more!

If you look closely.

source: twitter @siosanagi0106

Let’s move a little closer to uncover that secret.

Did you discover the mystery yet?

source: twitter @siosanagi0106

Wow! Is it really what I think it is?

source: twitter @siosanagi0106

They are Sesame Seeds —————————————————————————–!

That’s right! The surface is completely covered with sesame seeds though from a distance, the overall shape and apparent texture of the skin makes one suppose that it is a coiled snake!

It takes about two weeks to complete such a project and the materials used were paper clay, some plastic hose and 4 bags of various colors of sesame seeds (Black, Gold and 2 Bags of White Seeds). The paper clay on top of the rolled hose and the sesame seeds were placed on it and certain patterns were created as a result that looks very similar to the coloration of snakeskin!

What did you think?

The quality of this design and the lovely textured material is very impressive to see! In addition, the author has also produced high quality illustration works that can seen on Twitter, so please take a look! His twitter account link is located below.

(@siosanagi0106) | Twitter

source: twitter @siosanagi0106