Watch an Amazing Video of a Thirsty Cat Drinking Milk Directly from a Cow!!!

source: YouTube

Drinking the freshest milk you can imagine! Here is a cat drinking some milk directly from a cow that has quickly become a huge hit with online viewers from all over the world!

This cat is living on a ranch in an overseas country and is sitting quietly under a cow and is apparently waiting for a very special drink!

Before the milking starts, our feline appears to be distracted by something else in the distance.

source: YouTube

When the farmer begins the milking, the cat checks around a final time.

source: YouTube

The farmer guides the stream of warm milk directly into the open mouth of the cat! It is spectacular to see!

source: YouTube

This unique drinking method of this cat appears to be an acquired technique that could be only be used on a farm when receiving fresh milk on a daily basis in this way!

source: YouTube

What did you think?

This is a very skillful cat who has developed such a successful technique for drinking in this way!

Please take a look and enjoy this extended video below.

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source: YouTube