Witness the Blue Crystalline Beauty of an Iceberg Floating in the Ocean!!!

source: alexcornell

Here are an absolutely amazing image of an iceberg of beautiful blue crystal color that is simply spectacular to see! This image was taken by a photographer based in San Francisco named Alex Cornell What while exploring the Antarctica. Actually, this image has been called “Blue Iceberg” which is actually 70% submerged under the water!

Why is it so blue?

An “iceberg” not only contains pure white ice but is also composed of a lot of air that is able to reflect light!,

source: alexcornell

The highly transparent ice reflects sunlight in such a way to emphasize the amazing blue color!

source: alexcornell

There was such a reason in the beautiful blue that could be sucked in this ….

What did you think?

“Blue Iceberg” looks like a blue crystal floating on the ocean and is a truly magnificent beauty highlighting the power of nature!

source: alexcornell