Hundreds of Students Perform “Haka” to a Special Teacher Retiring After 30 Years!!!

Past and current students from Palmerston North High School in Wellington, New Zealand performed a special ceremonial dance called the “Haka” as a tribute to a teacher named Mr. Adams who had served in this school as a teacher for the past thirty years. The “Haka” is a dance to express respect and appreciation to the other party so this wonderful event to say farewell to their favorite teacher is a truly heartwarming event!

All the students performing the “Haka” is a true masterpiece!

All of the students at the Palmerston North High School boys and girls demonstrate the beauty and impact of the “Jaca”.

▼ The look of each person is so focused and serious as this is truly a very special moment for everyone who attended.
source: YouTube

Mr. Adams is clearly moved by the outpouring of emotion by the students.
source: YouTube
The students really give a performance that is straight from the heart! Please watch and enjoy the extended video below.

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The “Haka” is such an emotional and powerful dance celebration that is unique to New Zealand! Clearly, Mr. Adams had had a huge impact on so many students over the years!

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