Exciting New Research Shows the Medicinal Benefits of Drinking Beer on the Body!!!

source: www.iflscience.com

Here is some exciting new research results of “the benefits of beer preventing the accumulation of fat on the liver” from a recent study conducted recently and has become a huge topic of online interest with viewers from around the world!

What on earth does that mean? Most people believe that consuming alcohol and beer actually has negative effects on the body and on the liver.

The secret ingredient of beer that has medicinal benefits is “hops”.

“Hops” is a member of the hemp family that provides beer with a distinctive bitterness and aroma that people from around the world love!

source: ja.wikipedia.org

Data from recent studies have indicated that drinking alcohol or beer may not be as unhealthy as originally thought. Recent studies indicate people who drink alcohol or beer may not as likely to suffer from liver disease.

Ingredients contained in beer may inhibit the accumulation of fat in the liver? In a recent study involving mice who were allowed to regularly consume beer with “hops” and their livers were examined every 12 hours, it was revealed that the amount of fat accumulation on the mouse liver was much less than expected.

source: minnakenko.jp

In addition, the mouse liver that was exposed to ordinary beer that contained “hops” displayed a potential antioxidant effect which indicates that beer can protect the liver from “oxidative stress”!

“Hops” may also may aid in preventing symptoms of osteoporosis, dementia as well as dementia so it seems that drinking good quality beer with “hops” may indeed have some positive health benefits!

source: www.iflscience.com / alcalc.oxfordjournals.org