An Aggressive Raccoon Attempting to Open the Mouth of a Beagle is Adorable to See!!!


Here is a very unusual situation between a dog and a raccoon in which the raccoon is a little too curious to find out what may be hidden inside the mouth of this pooch. Please watch and enjoy this interplay between these two different animals in the following video and images below.


See Video Here

The beagle shows a lot of patience and understanding here.

This raccoon is very curious about what is inside this beagle’s mouth.

Just open your mouth and say Ahhh!

Now, the raccoon is using both paws to try to open the dog’s mouth!

The beagle looks a little exasperated with the raccoon’s aggressive probing.

The raccoon now gives a light bite on the poor beagle’s nose.

Why was this raccoon so curious about what was inside this dog’s mouth?