See the Amazing “Air Swimmer” Swim Through the Air Like a Living Fish in the Ocean!!!

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This fish-shaped balloon seems to swim in the air like a real fish swimming in the ocean! It is called the “Air Swimmer” and this article will introduce this amazing product to you!

This fish-shaped balloon is controlled by remote infrared remote radio control and the “Air Swimmer” can swim with incredibly smooth movements (recommended for indoor use only) at a range of about 12 meters.
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The “Air Swimmer” is switched on.
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Assembling the “Air Swimmer” is easy. There are only parts. (4 AAA Batteries are Required and are sold separately).
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Inflate the “Air Swimmer” with helium. The durable nylon material ensures so that it can be inflated many times. Once inflated, it remain inflated for several weeks.
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Sharks floating and swimming in the air is a surreal image!
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The infrared remote control allows up and down operation as well as right and left operation by manipulating the tail fin.
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Please watch the motion of the “Air Swimmer” just like a living motion movie.

See Video Here

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The “Air Swimmer” can be enjoyed by children as well as adults and it is a perfect accessory for indoor parties and events such as Halloween or a birthday party! For more information, please click on the website link.
Air Swimmer


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