Watch a Doctor Save a Passenger’s Life with a Spoon and a Toothpick!!!


A remarkable rescue recently took place as an unconscious passenger was saved by a medical professional using “a spoon and a toothpick”! This amazing episode quickly became a huge topic of interest and discussion with online viewers worldwide!

This incident occurred on a China International Airlines’ passenger planes flight when a cabin attendant discovered a passenger who was rapidly losing consciousness and spitting bubbles from his mouth. The attendant made an emergency in-flight announcement requesting the immediate assistance of a doctor! Fortunately, a doctor happened to be a passenger on this flight and responded to the emergency call.


A doctor examines the patient on the plane.

Tian Yu who is an employee of Shanghai Longhua Hospital responded to the announcement and immediately examined the passenger in distress. He discovered that the passenger was clearly showing symptoms associated with an epileptic seizure which is a medical condition that sometimes occurs during flights since air pressure and the oxygen level can dramatically change.

However, there were no medical instruments on the plane so Tian had to improvise quickly and made the following request to cabin attendant staff.

Will you bring a spoon and a towel as soon as possible?

A spoon and a towel was quickly brought to the hospital employee though the cabin attendant staff were mystified on how these two items were going to help the unconscious passenger!


The spoon was placed in the passenger’s mouth and pressed down on the tongue to secure air passages and to prevent suffocation. After a while, the seizure began to gradually subside and then Mr. Tian made another request.

Will you bring some toothpicks, please?

The toothpicks were used in the same way as acupuncture needles and were pinpointed at specific areas to help the epileptic seizure to completely subside! The passenger was able to regain consciousness and could eventually return to his seat for the rest of the flight!


The stricken passenger received medical treatment after the flight safely reaches its destination so the quick thinking of this Chinese hospital employee managed to save another passenger’s life!

This man is a true hero!

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