Take a Look at These 8 Cute Animals That Resembles Foods We Enjoy!!

source: twitter @goen0414
Animals can be so cute to look at and enjoy but have you ever imagined that “certain animals actually resemble some foods? Did you ever consider this before?

Here is a collection of images of certain animals that are compared with some images of certain foods!

A Fox and a Cinnamon Roll.

source: twitter @kemoribbon/Scandinavian, living tool store.
What a cute combination! The brownish bunny really does look similar to a cinnamon roll with walnuts!

A Panda and a Rice Bowl.

source: klubkotajasna8.blogspot.jp/cookpad
Since childhood, I had thought that the rice bowl in my “Makunouchi” box lunch looked like a panda!

Owl and Apples.

source: youtubematome.net
Gash! This is a perfect match!

A Hedgehog and a Black Sesame Ohagi.

source: Minavi/cookpad
It is really difficult to tell which one is the hedgehog from behind.

A Dandelion and a Blueberry Muffin.

source: ripbird
Are these actually real or are they imitations?

A Rabbit and a Deep Fried Crab Leg.


source: twitter @goen0414
This image is from an unusual angle!

A Hamster and a Bean Daifuku.

source: twitter @imi3_hooooo
Well, which is which?

Two Pugs and Some Oysters.

source: twitter @CreamyMainoko
This pug appears to be drooling heavily!

Well, what did you think about these combinations of cute animals like cute and interesting looking food? It made feel slightly hungry! How about you?

source: twitter @goen0414/twitter @kemoribbon/北欧、暮らしの道具店/マイナビ/cookpad/klubkotajasna8.blogspot.jp/cookpad/twitter @imi3_hooooo/twitter @CreamyMainoko