Tape and Cardboard Sandals are Helping These Birds Walk Again!!

source: thedodo.com
There are many birds that are rescued and protected at the California State Wildlife Conservation Center. Many of them are found injured or in poor condition and in quite a few cases, they have suffered leg or foot injuries. The bird pictured here has a deformed leg and a surprising method is being used to treat and cure this injury. The miracle cures happen to be basic corrugated cardboard and tape!

Treatment with these instant sandals.

▼ A satisfied wearing special sandals!
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source: thedodo.com
The feet of the injured birds are covered with with corrugated cardboard and tape in the proper position to allow the injury to heal and to allow the bird to move around naturally. These sandals are replaced once or twice a week until the bird has fully recovered and can walk on its own.

The California State Wildlife Conservation Center are dedicated towards the rescue, care, recovery and release of any bird that is healthy and able to return to the wild. It seems that almost all of the birds treated with this special sandal at this facility seems to have been able to return back to the wild after making a full recovery!

These tiny birds wearing these tiny sandals are just so cute to see! I believe that the birds return back to their natural habit without this special footwear1

California State Wildlife Conservation Center.

source: thedodo.com / cawildlife.org