Witness a Bizarre Situation When a Chimpanzee is Given an Assault Rifle in West Africa!!!


Here are some paramilitary guerrillas in West Africa who decide have fun at the expense of a chimpanzee who is given AK-47 Assault Rifle! Please take a look at this bizarre video and related images below!

See Video Here

Here are some guerrilla fighters making fun of the chimpanzee.

The confused chimpanzee is given an AK-47 Assault Rifle!

The guerilla fighters continue to laugh at the chimp!

The chimpanzee points the rifle and attempts to shoot.

Cool! The chimpanzee proudly displays his new weapon!

Is this a movie spoiler from an upcoming20th Century Fox Movie? It is movie promotion commercial which is due to be released in the future. I wonder what the title of the movie will be?