Introducing a Four-Legged Robot that Does Home Cleaning!!!

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Here is a recently developed “quadruped robot called SpotMini” that can actually do housework! This topic has become a huge hit with online viewers worldwide and a major subject of discussion!

This robot was developed by a Google-owned subsidiary called Boston Dynamics.“SpotMini”has complete automation and is equipped with a sensor-equipped arm which allows it to complete simple housekeeping tasks as shown in the photos below.

Throwing away a can.
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“SpotMini” can easily pick up a cup!
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SpotMini’s manipulator arm allow it to pick up glasses and cans and do general tidying up tasks with delicate movements just like a human being.

The movement and motion of the four-legged robot is surprisingly smooth and quiet!
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Various sensors allow the robot to avoid collision with obstacles such as tables and other furniture.
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For more details on this amazing robot, please take a look and watch the video below.
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Seeing this quadruped robot moving upstairs is quite the surreal sight!

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The height of the “SpotMini” is about 60 cm and it is the smallest class in the company’s robot catalogue so far. The second from the left is the “SpotMini”.

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Boston Dynamics is one of the leading robot companies in the United States and is known for developing military walking robots under the investment of the Department of Defense research department (DARPA). The “SpotMini” features a fully charged battery and motorized motor with a driving time of about 90 minutes.

A prototype now and practical in the future

Although “SpotMini” is a prototype at present, it is said that there is a possibility of being put into practical use in the services of companies such as Toyota and Amazon at the end of the project (It is also reported that negotiations between the and Toyota and Amazon are ongoing).

Sooner or later, it seems that such a robot will be walking and cleaning in the house will become commonplace.

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