Here are Eight Common Features of Intelligent People that May or May Not Be True??!!

Various research have been done with regard to intelligence and IQ. At this stage of this current
research project, there are 8 features that have been identified that intelligent people that may or may not be relevant!

Eight characteristics of intelligent people.

▼ The figure below shows the eight features that are easily observed by smart people in this research.

1. Either the eldest son or the eldest daughter.
The oldest child seems to be clever in many cases and it seems to be a psychological element due to the influence such as the position in the family rather than based on genetics.

2. Has Learned music.
Research in 2011 revealed an improvement in the language ability of children aged 4 to 6 after just one month music lessons.

3. A non-smoker.
According to the survey of 20,000 males aged 18 to 21 years old in Israel in 2010, the average IQ of smokers was 94 and that of non-smokers was 101.

4. A lean person.
As a result of the vocabulary tests conducted in France in 2006, the obese type remembered 44% of the words, while the slender form was 56%.

5. Left-handed.
Recent survey results show that there are many people with originality that people with left-handed persons can quickly come up with new ideas.

6. A history of taking drugs.
In the study of 2012, it was found that those who had very high IQ during childhood had a high percentage of handling drugs after adulthood.

7. Has a pet cat.
It seems that the dog faction turned out to be “sociable” and the cat school turned out to be “intellectual”.

8. A child prodigy.
According to Princeton University’s research, from the age of 3 to the age of childhood, which has no influence of school, high school children say they will have excellent results in cognitive tests.

Although the features of these eight items were announced, because they are only correlated, causality is not recognized between these eight features and high intelligence. However, since there seems to be a correlation between these eight characteristics, if there were any people who applied all eight, that person would surely be a smart person.