Look at Images of a Mysterious and Huge Sphere-Shaped Artifact Found in Bosnia!!!

source: telegraph.co.uk
This mysterious object appeared in Bosnia about 1500 years ago and looks like a huge sphere that was discovered by archaeologist “Dr. Semir Osmanagic” who believes that this object was artificially created by an advanced civilization.”

The identity and origin of the sphere has divided the opinion of the experts.

The discoverer of the sphere “Dr. Semir Osmanagic” Dr. believes it is an artifact from outer space while other experts believe that it is a “natural phenomenon”.
source: telegraph.co.uk
Atmospheric Environmental Science Researcher “Mandy Edwards” believes that the sphere is composed of natural sediment that has been fused over the years. “Spherical Weathering” is also considered another possibility according to experts of the Geological Society of London.

This object is absolutely huge!
source: telegraph.co.uk
In addition to this size, looking at the place that is fairly clean turned into a spherical shape, I hope you were artifact! When “Dr. Semir Osmanagic” Would become I want to believe the claims.

Some stone sphere shaped objects discovered in Costa Rica are said to be the world’s oldest objects.
source: dailymail.co.uk

Although the truth has not yet been uncovered, this sphere is an important discovery that could be a clue to the existence of an advanced civilization!

source: telegraph.co.uk / dailymail.co.uk