Watch a Daddy Dog Get Angry with His Children and His Spouse in this Amusing Video!!!

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Here is a family of “Shiba Inu” dogs having a domestic squabble that has recently become quite popular with online viewersfamily has now become a hot online topic with viewers everywhere.

The daddy dog looks frustrated and angry as he lashes out at his spouse but is chastised aggressively by the furious mommy dog later on!

Daddy tries to play with kids but they are all fast asleep!

“Let’s play together!” but the frustrated father cannot get a reaction from the brood of sleeping puppies.

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As the daddy dog shuffles his sleeping kids around, the small puppies continue sleeping as if nothing has happened!

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The puppies are all sleeping deeply for now so the father starts to feel frustrated!

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The daddy dog starts to become more aggressive and starts to push and prod his sleeping children!

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The mommy dog is not amused by this and approaches her husband.

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Here is the mommy dog expressing his anger and frustration to her husband!

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After the daddy dog’s poor behavior with his kids, his wife reacts with sudden rage that catches him completely off guard! She is really mad at him!

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The daddy dog is literally in the doghouse as the mommy dog barks and growls her disapproval for his lack of consideration. It is quite amusing to see his look of dejection and disappointment!

After watching the video, it is interesting to note just how carefully the father dog behaves as he faces the wrath of his spouse who is quite angry and annoyed with his behavior toward his children!

Please watch and enjoy the extended video here!

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Watching this canine couple quarrel is just like watch humans having a domestic disagreement! I hope they resolve their differences soon and not disturb their sleeping children!

source: YouTube