Watch a Woman Courageously Confront and Stop Aggressive Motorcyclists in Indonesia!!!


A courageous woman in Indonesia confronts aggressive and ill mannered motorcyclists and drew praise from people all over the world!This woman and her story has quickly become a popular topic with online viewers everywhere!

In the Indonesian capital of Jakarta, crossing the street has become extremely dangerous due the aggressive motorcyclists who routinely ignore all signal lights and pedestrians. One such pedestrian is Arufini Lestari’s a 34-year-old Indonesian woman who decided to confront these dangerous motorbike riders on a crowded sidewalk in Jakarta!

Jakarta’s traffic congestion is quite severe and though it is illegal ride a motorcycle on the sidewalk, this law is never enforced. This woman stood with open arms to stop these motorbike offenders from using the sidewalk as a road! She should be commended for her bravery!

Online Viewer Comments.

・She was courageous but should be more careful in the future!

・She should have contacted the police!

・I hope this act of bravery will change the unruly behavior of these motorcyclists!

・Maybe the government should get involved?

In many Asian countries, economic development has dramatically transformed cities into bustling and crowded places where people and machines are creating potential risks of accident and injury. Public safety must be emphasized!

Ms. Lestari said that several of the motorcyclists were angry with her but she insisted that they move off the sidewalk nonetheless!