See the Magnificent Efforts of 8 Children Dedicated to Make the World a Better Place!!!

The world has a lot of tenderness and compassion and these amazing children are doing their part to make the world a better place!

#1 – Here is an infant attempting to help the statue of a small bunny! Although it is quite comical to see this, this young child displays a spirit of humanity and goodwill that should be an example to people of all ages everywhere!

Small acts of kindness can truly change the world! Here are the eight children that a truly making the world a better place!


#2 – This boy grew out his hair and donated it to pediatric cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy!
He let his hair grow continuously for 2 and a half years and then donated his hair to an organization that makes wigs for pediatric cancer patients who have lost their hair during treatment!

#3 – A 9-year-old Angel.
This nine-year-old girl build a shelter for homeless people. She constructed and built the structure on her own and then developed a garden to provide food for the residents! This child it is absolutely an angel!

#4 – Everyone Eats Lunch with this Boy’s Savings!
This young boy want to make a lunch for homeless people and donated his part-time work earnings of USD $120.00 dollars for this cause. After consulting with his mother, he decided to go ahead with his idea of using his life saving in such a generous manner!

#5 – An Older Brother Shows Compassion to His Baby Brother!
Adult toilets are often too big for small children so this young boy assists his younger sibling so that he can reach the proper height as shown in the photo! This boy shows compassion and selflessness to help someone smaller and younger! Such a wonderful act of kindness!

#6 – A Child Who is a Small Dinosaur Doctor.
This young girl found a stuffed T-REX dinosaur doll which was badly damaged and used her allowance to gently restore the doll back to health! What a delightful and adorable child who has such a kind heart.

#7 – A Child Helps Animals by Selling Stuffed Animals!
This young girl sells stuffed animals and donates the full amount of the sales to the local Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals” which attempts to eliminate the painful practices of animal abuse by people.

#8 – A Child Dedicated to Animals.
This 9-year-old boy would like to eliminate the culling of homeless or abandoned animals in animal shelters where space is an issue. He created his own small shelter in his family’s garage. This issue of animal abandonment and culling is a major issue in the world so he deserves a lot of credit!

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The kindness and generosity of these children are so inspiring and impressive!