See a Surreal Phenomenon of a Huge Hole in the Clouds Called a “Sky Punch” on Video!!!


“A huge gaping hole” in the clouds is a natural phenomenon called a “Sky punch”. Please take a look at these fantastic images that has become a very popular topic of online discussion with online viewers from around the world!

The above photograph is known as a “Sky punch” or a “hole punch” and a series of these surreal photographic and video images have been taken in Australia and Japan. This really does look amazing and is certainly a rare occurrence in the sky.

A brilliant blue sky, a Sky punch along with a rainbow.

Here is another image of a Sky punch.

A Sky punch at sunset.

Why does this happen to the cloud?

A Sky punch appears to be created by drops of water that are formed in cumulus clouds that become frozen and start to drop down causing the shape of the cloud to break apart forming the gaping hole shown in these various images. Later on, the frozen water is heated up and transformed into water vapor which creates the rainbow effect in the gaping hole in the cloud!

This natural phenomena has such grandeur and beauty!

See Video Here

source: YouTube