See a Video of a Chinese Film Scene that Reveals Something Completely Unexpected!!!


This looks like a normal Chinese film scene taking place but seconds later an unexpected surprise reveals a completely different perspective of what really is happening here! This has become a very popular topic with online viewers everywhere!

A scene involving two women having a conversation in a carriage suddenly reveals the film set is actually in motion and not the carriage! It is a startling discovery!

Let’s take a look around outside and see what else is going on!

What do you mean!

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Just beyond the angle of the camera, there are some members of the film crew carrying some trees and moving along with the carriage while the women being filmed! Wow! The trees are being moved by the film crew but the carriage remains in the same position! The audience would be completely fooled and it is such a clever and innovative idea!

This is an unexpected and surreal sight!

See Video Here

source: YouTube