This “Shape Memory” Cleaning Cloth Folds Into Several Origami Shapes Effortlessly!!!


Here is a cleaning cloth with a special “shape memory” capability thats allows it to be restored to a variety of folded shapes as shown here. It is called a “Pucci Pet” and it can be folded into an amazing number of shapes using the “origami” folding method from Japan. The “Pucci Pet” can be used for cleaning a variety of surfaces such as glass and the liquid crystal display of a mobile phone. After cleaning, the “Pucci Pet” has a unique “shape memory” feature that instantly restores to the original shape!

See Video Here

▼ This cloth can be used just like a regular cleaning cloth.

▼ Here is the magical “shape memory” cloth displaying its unique capabilities!
source: YouTube

▼ The “shape memory” cloth is instantly restored to its previous shape! Amazing!
source: YouTube

The “Pucci Pet” can create so many delightful shapes and can be folded easily by anyone! This product would be a fantastic gift or souvenir for overseas tourists!

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