Police Recommend Using a Can of Tuna as an Emergency Lamp?!?

Look at this Tuna Lamp.


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It is a [familiar things take advantage surgery] lamp utilizing the oil of tuna. Open a hole in the can, and plug in the core. It is good likely to string such as cotton to the core, but I tried to make in the coffee filter to Koyori. It will have 2 hours position. Course contents also ate (oil decreased be healthy)

Really!? Canned tuna becomes a lamp!? The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Security Section Disaster Measures Section images were posted on Twitter.

How to Make the Tuna Lamp.

Introducing a step by step process to construct a lamp from a can of tuna. a very simple recipe.

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First, make a hole in the center of a can of tuna using a nail and a hammer.

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Then, make sure that the hole is big enough.

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Next, put a piece of string into the can.

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Fold the string in half before putting the string into the can. You should leave out about 5mm of single string out of the can.

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This process is not as easy as it looks.♪

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Let us try to light up the cotton wick now…

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Oh! It actually works! The lamp should keep working for about 2 hours or so.

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Somehow, the outside appearance is not so fashionable?

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See Video Here

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I am very surprised that there was such use of a can of tuna! What did you think? Is it a good idea?

Twitter Comments

・It certainly could be used for survival!
・If you know when it is of might is Hey ~ This earthquake disaster good for survival … there! Of which was do have cats (laughs)
・It’s an emergency product, this is essential and useful!
・amazing, it will help in the event of a disaster. Good information thank you.

source: Metropolitan Police Department security section Disaster Countermeasures Division – official Twitter / BRIEF work] canned tuna lamp [outdoor]